Our Mission

Communication of your design through excellence in illustration. Dimension Three (D3) creates digitally generated imaging and three-dimensional interactive presentations intended to help our clients communicate and sell their ideas to their specific audience. Our available services range from providing single images to presenting comprehensive virtual packages.

Details Matter.

Our available services range from providing single images to presenting comprehensive virtual packages.  Whether your illustration needs are for impactful marketing, enhanced communication between client and designer or planning authority approval, D3 can provide you with some of the most detailed and accurate imaging available in the building industry. We pride ourselves on providing unmatched attention to detail, while still maintaining a strong level of emotion within our presentations. From decorative lighting to door hardware, or even intricate iron work, we strive to provide as much accurate information as possible.

Interactive presentations can include exterior 360-degree views as well as high resolution, specific camera shots; virtually anything our client wants to show in order to highlight the project with as much or as little detail as desired.

Additional benefits can include:

  • Reduced potential for costly errors by “building” a project virtually before construction begins, in a fraction of the time required in the field
  • Save time and money by finding early solutions to construction difficulties that could cost significant down-time once under construction
  • Time from project concept to approval can be reduced as approving authorities are better able to see and clearly understand ideas
  • Photo-realistic images can add a more cutting-edge appearance than some traditional rendering methods
  • Provide more flexibility in what an audience can see because a project can be photographed from virtually any perspective
    Institute changes quickly and without the need to recreate an entire project